Submersible robots for the inspection and repair of water pipelines

Find out how our technology can help you better manage your distribution network.  

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Say goodbye to costly digs & leaking pipes.

Our submersible robots help water utilities predict and prevent catastrophic distribution breaks.

Eliminate costly digs, permits, and service disruptions

Inspect and repair cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, prestressed concrete, and PVC as small as 4'' in diameter.

Create robust digital maps of your infrastructure for better budgeting and planning of replacement initiatives

Inserted through openings that already exist in your network - no construction necessary. 

Our robots fit inside of pipes as small as 4in. in diameter

Helping water utilities better manage their aging infrastructure

Small enough for 4'' pipes 

Robust digital maps integrated with your existing GIS database.

Guaranteed Repairs

Our repairs utilize cutting edge materials for in-situ rehabilitation of pipes.